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About ME

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I have a group of companies who I regularly collaborate with or represent. They are comfortable leaving their biggest clients in my hands, knowing that I will act professionally under all circumstances and deliver on what is required.  

With some lower budget projects I work on my own but I aim for more complex shoots which require additional crew. In there instances I use a network of other supplementary freelancers.

Clients tend to like the idea that I'm involved through every step of the project; it is the same person they call to enquire about a video who is then editing the finished product. 

The work regularly takes me abroad and affords me the opportunity to see all corners of the world. As well as seeing the world by plane I am also a full licensed drone pilot and have worked prolifically with Aerial Photography Ireland on TV shows, documentaries and dramas.  

haven't always been freelancing, for four years I worked at One Productions as their Head of Video and for two years as a shooting director at Event Junkies.

Working as a freelancer offers me the opportunity to split my time between commercial jobs and also to indulge in passion projects producing short films, music videos and other creative projects which I feel feed back into corporate work.  

I describe myself as a Shooting Director. I love cinematography but I also like the responsibility of taking ownership of a project from start to finish. Over the years I've picked up a lot of peripheral talents but my passion lies as a director

Additionally I produce, write, edit and work with graphics and grading. I feel these additional skillsets help to make me a better director and an all round knowledge is hugely beneficial. 

My aspirations are in fiction and I channel this by introducing a more artistic approach to videography, finding a unique story in every project. 

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